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Sifu Grandmaster Zhang Yuan  has been teaching Chinese Martial Arts in NYC for 15+ years.

About Sifu:

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan began to practice Wushu at the age of 8. He was chosen to join the Wushu Team of Xian City at the age of 10 and joined Wushu Team of Sanxi Province at the age of 14. Grandmaster Zhang Yuan studied Wushu with the same master as Changjun Zao who had won 10 Chinese Wushu championships in ten consecutive years.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan had won Gold Medal in Xing Yi Quan and Ba Ji Quan in Chinese National Wushu Championship in 1987. He had won 6 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Awards at the International Martial Arts Tournament in Florida in 2001. He is the same generation as Jet Li.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan has won two gold medals of traditional Wushu, and fourth place in national championships of San Da (one of Wushu styles).

In 1984, Grandmaster Zhang Yuan retired from professional Wushu career and became an actor, Wushu instructor, and 'Wushu Fight Choreographer' for movies for the Xian Movie Company.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan has learned different Wushu styles from different famous masters in China.

His masters include Grand Master Tong Zhang, famous master in 1950’s. Later Grandmaster Zhang Yuan studied Taijiquan from Grand Master Linqing Chen, who’s the master of Chen style Taijinquan. He has learned Changquan, Xingyi, Liuhe, Baji, Buoji, Shamuoguan, Taiji, etc. from his Sifus.

After retiring from the professional team, Grandmaster Zhang Yuan was an instructor for special army units in The People’s Liberation Army of China and the Xian police force.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan became Wushu coach for professional teams. Coaching the Wushu teams from Japan, and Switzerland.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan is highly respected for his skill, his honesty, and his personality. His talents and qualities are can only be compared to the world’s greatest martial artists, both past and present.

Grandmaster Zhang Yuan acted in about ten films and TV shows. He also designed the fighting actions for the films and TV shows. Some of the films, and TV shows Master Zhang played in and designed Wushu fightings are:

  • Shenbian”: portrayed Zuo Chuan Xou Lung, and choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Shanjin”: portrayed Shanze, and choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Donglin Da Dao”: portrayed Xiao Man zi.
  • Luan Shi Zan Qi”: portrayed Zhao Qi”, and choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Ying Shen Buo Shi”: portrayed Mi zhi Yan, and choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Qi Xia Chu Shan”: Choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Jin Wei Jung”: Choreographed Wushu fighting.
  • Te Jing ”: Choreographed Wushu fighting.
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